Starlink FAQ


Over the past months, we have had some really good questions from our customers and created our Starlink FAQ based on these.

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To order visit and enter your address to confirm price and availability in your area or purchase in-store from Noel Leeming.

This depends on your area but here’s a pic to give you an estimate.starlink nz speeds

Starlink does not currently have a Data Cap.

Once you receive your dish, you can set it up temporarily outside in a non obstructed area in about 10 mins. Please allow 24hrs for the dish to settle in before your speed increases.

Please contact us to arrange a time for permanent installation.  More detailed information coming soon.

Sure, and a lot of people do. To make things easier we supply a Starlink Roof Mount Bracket here:

Its ok, you’re not the first person to damage the cable. Contact us to repair the cable or contact and they sometimes will replace the Dish FOC provided you return the damaged unit.

It depends what dish you have:

Round Dish – Yes, the modem has a hardwired ethernet output and can connect to your existing modem or ethernet switch. The same applies for WiFi Extenders / Bridges etc.

Rectangle Dish – this requires an optional ethernet adapter not included in the standard kit. You will find this option in the store when ordering your dish

We cant test them all, but we use NordVPN everyday and have had ZERO problems and they offer really good support.

Not a good idea as you may experience a Volt Drop over extended lengths causing reliability issues. You could plug the modem into a switch and extent the length up to another 100m.

Starlink does not currently support Static IP Addresses.

Starlink does not directly support Port forwarding but is possible with a VPN. We recommend PureVPN.

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Yes, our Roof Mount Brackets are compatible with both the Round and Rectangle Dish.